A Simple and Smart way to manage 


  • Audible and visual alarms prompt the user when it's time to take their medications

  • Secure design minimizes the risk of accidental overdosing or taking the wrong medications

  • Spare tray included to allow for easy refills by Caregivers or Pharmacies

  • Useful for People with Cognitive impairment or vision impairment

  • Has been used in Europe since 2002 to keep vulnerable adults living independently at home

The Right Pills At The Right Time, Delivering The Right Outcomes


How Does It

How Does it work?

1. Hear the buzzer


2. Turn the dispenser upside down to release the pills in your hand.


3. Take your meds

It's That Simple!


Designed and Made in Sweden

Features and Functionality:

Large Compartments to fit multiple large pills

Pill tray is made of BioCote Anti-microbial material

Loud Audible alarm

Flashing lights

Secure Lock to prevent medication Tampering

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