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Users benefit from improved  medication compliance & reduce demand for Home Care Services.

Medication can both prolong life and enable people to live independently in the community.


However, medication regimes for many people can become complex and overwhelming. Poor medication adherence can erode self-confidence and well-being.


For those on a complex pill regime, taking prescribed medication at the right dose and at the right time can be confusing and difficult.


Not taking medication as prescribed can have major consequences, particularly if the person is elderly or vulnerable. Health and social care agencies must intervene and help people at the right time before complex, costly and intensive interventions like hospital admission become necessary.


Recent studies have shown that if a person:

• has a problem managing their medication,

• is on a stable medication regime,

• wants to take their medication correctly, but has some confusion, so that he or she:

   • has difficulty remembering time and date and

   • has difficulty making a rational choice about which compartment to open in a conventional medication blister pack or dossette box then:

He or she may benefit from a Careousel Automatic Pill Dispenser.

Studies have shown that the use of Careousel dispensers can result in better self-management of medication, the benefits include:

• an improved quality of life

• remaining independent at home for longer and

• less reliance on Care-givers or family members

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